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Social Groups

Birmingham Vision’s Social Groups are run by the Community Development Manager, Shazia Begum.

Currently, Birmingham Vision offers five social groups including one ladies group.  These groups meet in various places across Birmingham. The groups meet at differing days and times during the month so hopefully there is something for everyone. Events include coffee and a chat to share experiences, lunch time groups and activity groups. Groups have also enjoyed days out to local theme parks, rock climbing and a driving experience at a race circuit.

Referrals come from Birmingham Vision staff, word of mouth, some are self-referred and we also receive referrals from external organisations, with whom we have a close working relationship. People can receive a visit from Shazia either at home or their preferred location. Shazia can provide emotional support and encouragement with the eventual goal being an increase in confidence and independence.

Shazia also holds an open Sight Loss Surgery every Tuesday at St Peter’s Hall in Saltley. People can come along to discuss a variety of issues with Shazia in confidence. She can assist with benefits enquiries, the blue badge scheme, tax allowance and TV license entitlements.

Shazia is keen to work with diverse communities spanning all cultures across Birmingham. She speaks five languages and has strong connections with Black and Minority Ethnic communities.  She is currently working with the Polish, Jewish and Somali communities and has many contacts within the Gujarati, Pakistani, Indian, West Indian and African communities. She works closely with the Asian community especially with the females where language can be huge barrier.

If you are interested in joining one of the Social Groups, or would like more information. You can contact Shazia by phone, text or email.

0121 632 6180

07772 666 648


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