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Birmingham Vision’s Rehabilitation Officer is Denise McCormick; her role is to help people with sight loss maintain a dignified and independent life.

The first step in the rehabilitation journey is an initial home assessment to identify the needs & wants of the individual whilst gathering details of their experience of living with a visual impairment.

During assessments Denise can discuss the positive and negative sides of registering as Sight Impaired (‘partially sighted’), Severely Sight Impaired (‘blind’) and the process of applying for a Guide Dog.

Birmingham Vision’s Rehabilitation Service can provide support in the following areas.

Daily Living Skills - Training individuals to develop their existing skills or adapting to new skills to help them become independent at home. Examples include making a hot & cold drink, preparation of food; cutting, slicing, chopping to make a sandwich or meal for the family independently.

Orientation & Mobility sessions – This consists of teaching individuals how to move around safely both indoors and outdoors. This includes an introduction to sight guiding, using a mobility aid (such as a white cane), uncontrolled road crossing, moving up and down stairs and escalators, maneuvering in busy environments and using all types of public transport.

Denise can provide demonstrations of specialist equipment known as assistive technology such as talking clocks, modified kitchen appliances and adaptation devices for low and hi-tech equipment.

Rehabilitation officers regularly liaise with members of social services, as well as ophthalmologists, orthoptists, optometrists and other professionals in order to make sure the service user is receiving the support they are entitled to, using a holistic approach.

Denise also offers sight loss awareness training to individuals and organisations who may want to understand what Visually Impaired people go through. She is an advocate for people living with sight loss and in the past has helped employers and education establishments understand the needs of the blind community to better support the people they work with.

If you are interested in receiving Rehabilitation, or would like more information. You can contact Denise by phone, text or email.

0121 632 6180

07854 368492


Dnise teaches a young adult with sight loss how to ascend outdoor steps with her white cane Denise demonstrates how to make a hot drink to someone with sight loss using a liquid level indicator Denise is demonstrating how to safely cross a road to a blindfolded female. Denise's support worker is also pictured

Emotional support can also be provided to help the individual come to terms with their sight loss along with their family members. We can refer to counselling services should the need arise. Referrals can also be made to organisations that help with Education, Employment, Financial support, Housing and Social Inclusion services.

Denise regularly takes part in community events to promote the services available from Birmingham Vision. These information stands take place at local hospitals and support groups. At these events Denise can take referrals, demonstrate equipment and give information on eye conditions.

image of Denise McCormick